About Us

Ja-Tail Enterprises is the corporate financier and advisory board to all Ja-Tail brand companies. Ja-Tail Enterprises is an innovative organization comprised of passionate and experienced leaders with invaluable years of knowledge in the world of business and entertainment. Our talented team of professionals oversee the day-to-day operations as well as handle all major business decisions of our other companies. Ja-Tail Enterprises is focused on developing and delivering the most innovative companies in all areas of entertainment.



Executive Team

• La Toya Jackson {bio}
• Jeffre' Phillips {bio}


• Dr. Richard A. Boyd {bio}


• Ron Labuzan {bio}


Executive Vice President
• Courtney Benson {bio}


Legal Affairs
• Michael Morris {bio}


President Ja-Tail Events
and Public Relations

• Juliette Harris {bio}


Creative Director
• Ian Marsden {bio}


Web & Graphic Designer
• Jaime Garcia {bio}