Star Ice

JA-TAIL Beverage Company (JBC) was established in May 2006. Our first product line was called Star Ice which we manufactured and distributed with Star Beverage, PTY out of Australia. Star Ice came in four different flavors: Green Apple, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Cranberry. JA-TAIL Beverage Company was the first beverage company to import a flavored malt beverage into America from Australia. Star Ice was distributed in the following US states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, Arkansas, California, Nevada, Massachusetts and New Jersey. It could also be found in over 50 7-Eleven stores and in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Sri Lanka. Star Ice sold more than 26,000 cases and more than 650,000 bottles from June 2006 to December 2007 with little-to-no marketing and promotion.


Star Ice quickly became one the favorite party drinks in Hollywood, with such celebrities drinking it as: Kathy Najimy (Numb3rs), Geena Davis (The Long Kiss Goodnight), Jennifer Gareis (The Bold and The Beautiful), James Pickens (Grey's Antimony), Isaiah Washington (Grey's Antimony), Terri Polo (Meet The Parents), Allison Janey (Hairspray), Jennifer Morrison (House), Anthony Michael Hall (The Dark Knight), Paula Abdul (American Idol), Antonio Sabato (General Hospital), Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers), Jay Leno (Tonight Show), Pamela Anderson (Baywatch), and Wolfgang Puck.


JA-TAIL Beverage is now an independent company and has recently collaborated with world-renowned beverage formulators to create our next celebrity-endorsed beverages. The first in a series of new beverages will launch in 2012.