Courtney Benson

Executive Vice President, Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC
President, Ja-Tail Records, LLC
President, Ja-Tail Management Group, LLC


Courtney Benson has 14 years of entertainment industry experience and is one of its most sought-after talent managers.  He oversees all business aspects of the record and management divisions, including talent signings.  Under his leadership, each company operates to ensure the success of each artist.


Mr. Benson began his musical career at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he studied sociology.  His incredible ear for music allowed him to take note of his roommate's producing and recording skills.  Courtney eventually convinced him to be his first management client and, in short order, turned him into the hottest act on campus.  Courtney eventually transferred to Rutgers University to complete his education.


Following graduation, Mr. Benson went to work for Winkler Entertainment Law Firm as an office manager.  He convinced the managing partner to establish a new record label, Deal Makers, where he was an Artist & Repertoire (A&R) executive.  His success at Deal Makers, including the signing and management of artists Nelly and Toya, led him to launch his own label, Hard to Hit Entertainment.  Hard to Hit soon had a worldwide production and distribution deal with music giant Arista Records, where he eventually became A&R executive and signed acts such as Morris Day.


Now with Ja-Tail Enterprises, Mr. Benson continues to provide first class representation for our clients.  When asked if he thought he could top what he’s already accomplished, he responded, "You ain’t seen nothing yet."


Ja-Tail Enterprises is EXTREMELY happy to have Mr. Benson as part of their team.