Jeffre' Phillips

Chairman, CEO and Founder, Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC
Chairman, CEO and Founder, Celebrity Branding Group (CBG)


Jeffré Phillips, 43, is co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC.  He has over 36 years of business experience, including 24 years in the entertainment industry.  His partnership with La Toya Jackson dates back to May 1999 and, with her, presides over all ten Ja-Tail brand entities, including Ja-Tail subsidiary Celebrity Branding Group (CBG) and its four companies.  He is also a former record company executive, financier, producer, and writer.


Mr. Phillips was born with an entrepreneurial spirit.  At the age of 19, six months after arriving in Los Angeles from Buffalo, New York, he launched his career in the music business.  An opportunity of a lifetime gave him the chance to work and tour with recording artists Teena Marie and Rick James.  Later Jeffré studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California.  While studying at the Academy, he provided vocals for Teena Marie's albums Naked to The World and Ivory.


Following those opportunities, Mr. Phillips dropped out of the Academy and worked as a receptionist at CBS Records (now Sony Music).  Within two months of hard work, he found himself working with their top executives in CBS' A&R department.  While at CBS, Mr. Phillips worked on many of their major album releases, including Gloria Estafan’s Let It Loose, Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel Of Love, and Michael Jackson’s Bad.  Eventually, he left CBS Records in 1990 with the goal of one day starting his own record label.


After a marketing stint at CBS Television from 1993-1994, Mr. Phillips founded a number of successful ventures.  Jeffré Phillips Productions was founded in 1994.  While producing a show called Trials Of Life (1997), he founded Harmony Limousine, Inc., which quickly became the largest limousine company in Orange County, California (additional offices are in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada).  He then started Harmony Executive Services, which offered chartered jets and yachts for its celebrity clientele; the company was sold three years later.


In 1999, Mr. Phillips met Ms. La Toya Jackson while both were working on the film Shriek If You Know What I Screamed Last Friday The Thirteenth.  In May of that year they partnered to form Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC (Ja-Tail is short for "Just Another Timely Adventure In Life").  Since then, Mr. Phillips has closed tens of millions of dollars worth of deals, including many lucrative branding, celebrity endorsement, and major television network deals, all over the world.


Recent business successes include a major distribution deal for Ja-Tail Records, through Universal Music & Video Distribution (UMVD).  In 2006, Mr. Phillips and Ms. Jackson launched Star Ice, the first flavored malt beverage exported from Australia to the Americas.  They also produced the Animal Planet special Michael Jackson and Bubbles through their television company.  An additional slate of projects and branded products will appear soon in 2011.