Paul Ring

President – EVP, Ja-Tail Enterprises


Paul Ring a native of New York, NY born April 1,1955 is a highly successful entrepreneur in the music industry, He is the CEO of Bungalo Records and Entertainment, a position which encompasses management of all operations of the company including artist acquisition, budgeting, production, distribution, and marketing. Bungalo Records embodies Ring’s goal of creating a leader in the media and entertainment industry.


Ring’s success has come from his roots and working experience with studio engineering and production adding to his credibility and allowing the artist to feel comfortable to sign with his label. Ring is not just someone behind the desk but is someone who understands the complexities of making a successful album. At age 19, Ring began his initial success in the music industry as a recording engineer with Capitol Records on the 1979 Grammy winning recording of “Boogie Oogie Oogie” with “Taste of Honey”. In 1980 through 1989 Ring had continued great success as a recording engineer for Bobby Caldwell’s #1 record “What you won’t do for Love” and another #1 album for Greg Almond’s comeback record ”I’m no angel”. With these and many other successful recordings Ring was all over the charts with top artists Smokey Robinson, Jazz Crusaders, Gladys Knight, Jimmy Cliff, X, and the Temptations.


In 1990 Ring joined Private I Records Inc. He initially secured the largest independent distributor, Alliance Entertainment Corporation (AEC). Once distribution was secured Ring acquired frontline recording artists “Cameo”, and The Gap Band”. It was talent like this that gave Private I immediate revenues allowing Ring to build and develop lesser-known talent. In1997 Ring was successful in securing distribution with the #1 distributor in the world “Universal Music and Video Distribution (UMVD). This led to several more top signings including “Rick James”,” Bootsy Collins”, and “James Brown”. In early 1998 Ring opened up a distribution network for special marketing albums and compilations records. A key example of Ring’s success was the release of a Tupac Shakur album, which was KTEL’s biggest selling album in1998.


In April 2000 Ring inked his own deal for Bungalo Records, which is exclusively distributed by “Universal Music Distribution”. Bungalo’s first major signing was platinum artist and producer DJ QUIK. That was followed up with several more successful rap projects including Mack 10, Bizzybone and Suga Free. Rings next step was to build Bungalos profile from the perennial West Coast rap label to a full service mainstream label. A new subsidiary under Bungalo was started in 2005 with veteran record executive Jheryl Busby. In January of 2008 Bungalo’s release of Patti Labelle remained at #1 on the Billboard charts for 16 weeks and brought Universal it biggest selling inspirational album of the year. That success was followed with a top 10 release by soul singer Carl Thomas.


Ring’s community involvement and awareness far exceeds the average, Ring was heavily involved with” The Points Of Lights Foundation”(POL) in bringing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina via a star studded release. This past year Ring teamed up with La Toya Jackson to release a single where the entire worldwide proceeds were donated to the Los Angeles Aids Foundation.


Over the years Ring has been able to establish a consistent level of integrity, support, and trust, that is completely indicative of his personality. This approach has created and secured key strategic relationships with the retail giants such as Walmart and Target and sponsors such as McDonalds.


Ring has also entered into the “Home Entertainment Market” (direct to DVD) with the highly acclaimed documentary about the artist Game. “The Game’s DVD “Stop Snitchin’, Stop Lyin’” released in early 2007 was certified platinum within the first 6 weeks of its release on Bungalo Entertainment.


Ring has recently made a major move into publishing SNG Video games teaming up with one of the top game developers in Korea. Bungalo Records and Bungalo Interactive are primed for success with its expansion into the red-hot sector of social network games along with ongoing successful relationship with Universal Music.