Ron Labuzan

President, Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC
Founder, Celebrity Branding Group, LLC

Mr. Labuzan manages all fifteen divisions of Ja-Tail Enterprises and is responsible for driving the company's growth. He formulates and executes long-term business strategies, interacts with clients, investors, and other business associates; and sets the tone for the company’s corporate culture.


Ron has 17 years of international manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, sales, and distribution experience, and 14 years of retail buying and merchandising experience. He has a reputation for a strong work ethic, results-oriented consensus building, and an exceptional ability to forge and maintain major client relationships. Ron has profound business vision and a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities.


Ron began his career in in the retail industry, where he honed his business, fashion, and merchandising skills. He worked for many years as a buyer for Federated Department Stores and May Department Stores, where he received numerous merchandising awards for outstanding performance.


Prior to becoming President of Ja-Tail Enterprises, Ron founded Acumen Enterprises Inc, an international trade and business development firm with offices in the US and India. Acumen services partnered US and European brands with publicly traded Indian conglomerates for nationwide distribution. While at Acumen, Ron joined forces with an Indian cookware factory and, in a short period of time, developed their company into the second-best-selling brand in the US. Ron directed the successful acquisition of Dan River, Inc. (A $300 million US home textile company) to a large Indian textile manufacturer based in India. He also negotiated licensing deals with companies such as Nintendo of America and Disney.